What Short Story On Perrie Edwards Forget About Us

—Perrie Edwards Forget About Us

Perrie Edwards Forget about us is seen with a video clip on social media, on which fans are commenting. And perrie came here to express love.

Actually, Perry Edwards had released a video clip on his social media handle just a few hours ago. In which she is seen sitting at one place and it also includes the music of her first single 'Forget About Us'. Which is currently becoming a trending topic of headlines on social media.

Perry released the video clip, saying, "My first solo single 'Forget About Us' is out now! I'm so excited the wait is finally over and I hope you love it as much as I do". Which was greatly appreciated by the people. It is being done and fans are seen commenting. While one user LittleZMixx said, 'I can't believe we're finally hearing your first solo single, I couldn't be more proud', LeighnePinnock added, 'I'm so proud of you! 'Go Kill It Baby Girl' and 'Can't Be Proud' by AndrewWalkerlane One confirms the Perrie Edwards post we shared above.

But whatever you say, Perrie Edwards is very happy with the release of her debut solo single 'Forget About Us' and she has addressed her fans to get involved. Which is a great opportunity for fans to address Perry.


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