Nicki Minaj Night 1 Procession, Watch at GAG City Boston

—Nicki Minaj Tour Night 1

Nicki Minaj shared the reels of the first night of the procession at GAG City Boston on her social media, which fans are commenting on.

Actually, Nicki Minaj is in her Pink Friday 2 World Tour. Performed at the TD Garden in Boston on April 8, 2024, as part of the. and shared a few reels on his social media, the setlist of which included a song called "Gag City," which contained elements of "Chi-Raq," "Shanghai," and "I'm the Best." This performance was part of the "Gag City" meme, which Minaj is currently trending on all social media handles because of Jee Sake. The concert was well received, and clips of the performance have been shared on various social media platforms, including YouTube and TikTok.

Fans loved it and commented, with one saying "No other female rapper in history did what you did 21st consecutive sold-out shows this is crazy! your name will always be acclaimed. People want to see you live, on stage, showing why for over 15 years you have been the QUEEN of this game. And there's no one above you" Then another said against Minaj 'Tour got the bawdy sitting Queen it's giving TONED you and Bia for me' Similarly by various people Comments were made. To prove it, we have shared his Instagram post above, which you should definitely check out and tell us how you liked it.

But whatever Nicki Minaj says, she is seen captivating the crowd in the best possible way while performing at the TD Garden in Boston on April 8, 2024 as part of her Pink Friday 2 World Tour. Which the fans are also liking a lot.


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