What is Hello By Adele About, Why Is It So Popular?



About whom has the song 'Hello' been written? Before knowing this, it is important to know about the love story of its author Adele, only then you will be able to understand why it has been written.

Adele, 18, had her first serious boyfriend, "Alex, a photographer". But their relationship timeline was not for long, both were happy together for a year. Then they started arguing. Because of this, they thought it right to break up with each other. Adele did not write any songs for the next four years, worried about her relationship. She fell in love with someone else and had a child, then when she turned 25 she started writing songs again.

Who is Hello by Adele written about?


'Gone Hello Is', written by Adele, is about a woman "who is trying to reconnect with her ex-boyfriend", who is currently separated.

But these same people had misunderstood that this song was written for her entire lover but this is not correct.

What makes Adele's song "Hello", so popular?


Due to the song "Hello" being related to emotions, people's attachment to it increased and the song is popular even today. Which many people have experienced? But some people never want to accept this. And some say that Adele became emotional at the memory of the former lover, knowing deep in her heart.

What do you think of the song, "Hello" by Adele?

Adele's song "Hello", can be said to be a song that is written due to the emotional feelings related to after the breakup with her ex-boyfriend which shows the attachment towards her ex-boyfriend which is deep in the heart. I am somewhere that I can never forget.


The song 'Hello Is' is written about a woman "who is trying to reconnect with her ex-boyfriend," who is currently separated. But the feeling is somewhere deep in the heart, which can never be forgotten. At present both are different but it is true.


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