Katy Perry Most Hot Outfit Look During 'American Idol'

Katy Perry Most Hot Outfit Look During 'American Idol'

Katy Perry is never afraid to bring her hot look to the world. And we get opportunities to see Katy Perry's hot look on 'American Idol' week -by -week. Whether it is Katy Perry's Instagram profile or broadcast in social media platforms, Katy is her 'Idol' fashion as well as fierce. When a contestant is choosing songs from a specific artist, style or other theme, he is also known for on-theem dress!

Katy Perry on television as a 'American Idol' judge definitely appears to us every week, in which Katy Hairstyle inspires herself to look hot keeping in mind her makeup and dress, which made the matter on social media She lives and rules the hearts of her fans. Katy Lionel sits on the judge's seat with Richie and Luke Brian. She is the only woman, so all the spectators look at her in search of some style inspo, and what is the judge doing on the show since 2018, who is waiting for the return of the fifth season in 2022.

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Katy Perry's season 20 auditions

Katy Perry goes to a completely denim look during Season 20's 'American Idol' audition. He paired his high-waste skirt with matching denim top and brown boots.

Katy Perry during Season 19 Disney Night

Katyar Bell Channel during Disney Night for Season 19 of Katy Perry 'American Idol'. She wore a strapsless green dress and fairy feather for her epic dress. Also, her green makeup was also at the point.

Season 19 auditions in Katy Perry with Luke Brian and Lionel Richie

Katy Perry is preparing to start an audition for season 19 of 'American Idol' with Luke Brian and Lionel Richie. He wore a black and white one-piece outfit with Matching Hat.

Katy Perry during season 18 'American Idol'

Katy Perry Season 18's 'American Idol' audition looked tropical in her green dress. He paired this look with a sleek blonde hairstyle.

Katy Perry wearing a pink dress in 'American Idol'

Katy Perry was smiling in a pink strapless dress on 'American Idol'. He turned his small golden hair on the side and wore open foot shoes to complete his look.

Katy Perry's floral outfit look

After filming an episode of 'American Idol', Katy stepped on the red carpet in floral crop top and matching pants. SpringTime inspired look displayed her abs and she looked very fierce.

Katy Perry in Channel Ursula

When the contestants of 'American Idol' celebrated Disney's night, Katy dressed as one of the most prestigious Disney characters - Ursula from 'The Little Marmed'! She went out completely with her dress and face color.

Katy Perry in Rocks Wild Floral Headpiece

During the shooting of 'American Idol' in Hawaii, Katy went to Luo Vibe in a sequel dress and large -scale floral headpiece. Her dress also had a similar floral decoration on her right shoulder.

Stun in Katy Perry Fringe Dress

Katie Perry had pink hair during the live taping of 'American Idol'! He paired the bubblegum lox with fringe dress and blue gloves.

Katy Perry in Colorful Striped Dress

Katy Perry kept it colorful in long -sleeved, multicolored, striped minidress during live 'Idol' taping. She also wore a bright red lipstick to match one color in the dress.

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